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Here’s how to forgive yourself and move on!

The researchers define self-forgiveness as "a positive attitude change in feelings, actions and beliefs about ourselves, after a 'transgression' committed by ourselves". Forgiving yourself can help "restore your positive sense of self and protect your overall well-being from the toxic effects of guilt, shame, and

Your thoughts and words have power!

Every cell in your body is listening to you. Choose your thoughts wisely. How will you achieve this? Cultivate your truth with dedication Be kind to yourself and others Get clear on what lights you up and make space for it every day Choose your boundaries and protect them Choose friends who

Soothe dark circles with parsley eye mask

After recently reading in a research that parsley can help erase dark circles under the eyes, I had to give it a try. Yes, parsley's vitamin C, chlorophyll, and vitamin K help reduce skin discoloration, reduce age spots, and reduce puffiness. To make your mask, coarsely

Give Yourself a Scalp Massage for Hair Growth, Hydration + Relaxation

In addition to nourishing the scalp and hydrating the hair, a quick massage can promote relaxation and improve circulation to the scalp (hello, longer, thicker hair). Not to mention, a scalp massage stimulates the release of endorphins, helping to boost your mood and give you a sense of well-being. So, if

How skin care can be a tool for self-compassion and self-love

Too often in the beauty space, we're concerned with the logistics of skin care: what ingredients you need, how many steps you should have in your routine, at what age you should start using retinol, and so on. We're not saying these aren't worthy of

If You’re Having Inflammation, You May Need More Omega-3s

Though their list of health benefits is long, omega 3 fatty acids are perhaps best known for their anti-inflammatory properties. But how, exactly, do these healthy fats help modulate and mitigate chronic inflammation? And what are some examples of symptoms and diseases that these anti-inflammatory

2 Collagen-Restoring Habits To Add To Your Morning Routine

You hear it all the time in skin care circles: Consistency is key. As much as we wish we could eliminate all our complexion concerns, you can't possibly expect miraculous results overnight—it takes patience, effort, and a solid routine to reach your glowing skin goals.  Little

How to enhance your hair color with tea!

We use toners to enhance dull tones or cancel out unwanted tones. For example, someone with blonde or silver strands can use a shampoo with purple pigments to neutralize brassy tones. But you can also use various teas for a light tonic treatment, and these

Skin and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Focus on circulation. Your skin is not an entity in and of itself: It's an organ that interacts with other organs and systems in the body. One of the most notable systems that affects its health and appearance is the circulatory system. "So often in beauty we