7 fascinating facts about the intelligence of the heart:

7 fascinating facts about the intelligence of the heart:

The heart contains its own independent nervous system with 40,000+ neurons.

❤️ The strong electromagnetic field of the heart is projected several meters outside the body.

❤️ Your heartbeat sends messages to every cell in your body.

❤️ Emotional and intuitive guidance of the heart can help you direct your life.

❤️ Positive emotions create improved order in heart rhythms.

❤️ Heart rate can synchronize all your body systems.

❤️ Positive emotional state can boost immune, hormonal and brain function.

What  breaks can also be fixed. The heart is a very intelligent organ, but sometimes it needs our kind loving kindness to heal itself. A tender yet powerful thing, both energetically and physiologically, the heart is wired to love as long as it is able to hold space for our pain.

When we talk about “opening” the heart, we must remember that in doing so, we are intentionally making ourselves vulnerable, inviting both the consequences and the rewards of our actions.

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.” Rumi💚

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