A list for hairloss and regrowth of hair

Hair loss is a complex issue with many factors leading to it, from genetics to lifestyle. And there are often several reasons influencing thinning or loss, so it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what needs to be addressed. It's frustrating to deal with, as it's not

Nature’s Kiss: Why Natural Lip Balms ?

Lip prints are like fingertips and completely unique to individuals. But did you know that using our lips to smile can have a positive impact on overall well-being? Even if it’s forced, smiling triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, which can improve mood and

The 5 Best Natural Skin Care Ingredients According To Research

Skin care is constantly evolving - with innovations developing at breakneck speed. While we like to keep up with these breakthroughs, we like to revisit classic products. There are so many wonderful natural ingredients that have been used for decades due to the simple fact

3 science-based skin care oils

There is nothing more luxurious than applying a silky oil to the skin. Beauty-when it's done right, when you have the right products and when you've found your unique routine-should be something you want to do. Taking care of your skin should be a pleasurable experience,

6 ways to lighten your hair naturally, according to stylists

Lemon juice The acidity of lemon juice allows it to lift color by changing the hair's pH levels, but it still needs a boost of heat for maximum effect. When it comes to applying lemon juice, LA-based colorist Anja Burton suggests: "Squeeze lemon into a spray

Have you heard of ‘Nothing Shower’?

For many, showering routines are sacred. They serve as a grounding moment to relax, connect with your skin and literally de-stress. That's why many take the time to upgrade the aesthetics of their shower or commit to a weekly ritual that combines every possible grooming

Hot Olive Oil Hair Treatment

This hot hair oil treatment is easy and effective in treating damaged and dry hair. Restores strength and shine Olive oil hydrates hair and delivers a dose of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to restore strength and shine. If your hair is colored or damaged by heat,

Why a lack of protein can cause hair loss and what to do about it

Lack of protein can cause hair loss. "A void of protein can cause hair loss"  says the certified dermatologist Neera Nathan, M.D. When you don't get enough protein, your body may enter a sort of panic mode—holding on to what nutrients it can get to keep your

Ayurvedic Facial Massage Brightens Your Skin & Reduces Toxins

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have relied on massage techniques to promote whole-body healing—think moving lymph fluid, increasing circulation, aiding detoxification, and more. Given these benefits, it's really no wonder these modalities have withstood the test of time; you might opt for

Top skin care tips for age spots, wrinkles and more

With age, the skin changes. This is a fact of life. However, these changes can be completely avoided. Aging texture—like wrinkles and fine lines—is something you expect when people age, but pigment is optional. If you protect and care for your skin, you don't need