Have you heard of ‘Nothing Shower’?

Have you heard of ‘Nothing Shower’?

For many, showering routines are sacred. They serve as a grounding moment to relax, connect with your skin and literally de-stress. That’s why many take the time to upgrade the aesthetics of their shower or commit to a weekly ritual that combines every possible grooming habit in one go — a buzzy idea known as the all-in-one shower.

Yes, there’s a special kind of satisfaction in doing the most (at least for some), but it’s also perfectly natural to shower and simmer like a steamed vegetable. No soap, no shampoo – just you. What is a “nothing” shower?

If the “all” shower requires everything—body scrubs, hair masks, shaving gel—the “nothing” shower entails nothing. Just let the warm water soothe your senses.


You could take a “nothing” shower for countless reasons: To reflect on the day’s events, to solve problems, to disconnect… As long as you’re not reaching for the soap, the options are truly endless.

And this “spiritual cleansing” component comes with real mental health benefits. After all, the brain-skin connection is well-documented in the field of


“There’s a big psychological component to washing away the day. Many people use their shower time as a way to “wash away” everyday stressors.

At this point, some use the vapor just to warm their bodies, especially now that the cold temperatures are officially upon us.

That’s all well and good, but don’t forget that hot water has the ability to strip your skin of much-needed moisture, which in turn can lead to dryness and irritation—not so relaxing.

Simply apply body oil  https://somanbotanicals.com/product/vanilla-botanical-body-oil before you shower to create a barrier that prevents the hot water from drying out your skin.

Then, after you’re done with your “nothing” shower, reapply this body oil to wet skin so you can trap any water left in and nourish the skin’s barrier.

Both “all” and “nothing” showers benefit mental health. The former can help you relax and feel the satisfaction of being completely clean (whatever that means to you), while the latter is more about the soothing effect of hot water. Just be sure to protect your skin from scalding—you can put your mind at ease without destroying your moisture barrier.


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