Top skin care tips for age spots, wrinkles and more

Top skin care tips for age spots, wrinkles and more

With age, the skin changes. This is a fact of life. However, these changes can be completely avoided. Aging texture—like wrinkles and fine lines—is something you expect when people age, but pigment is optional. If you protect and care for your skin, you don’t need to have the discoloration.

Age spots appear when a group of cells overproduces melanin in the skin. And this is caused by damage to skin cells, including environmental stressors, acne, wounds and UV exposure. More specifically, sun damage accounts for up to 80% of all aging concerns.

When we talk about sun damage and pigmentation from the aging process, I have to recommend sunscreen because we want to protect that skin.

In addition to sun protection, it’s important to stick to the basics: An antioxidant serum is imperative to coat and protect cells to prevent further pigmentation. These can actually prevent pigment from forming. And at night, I recommend a retinol or something to help speed up cell turnover. With the right preventative skin care and a treatment plan—where you do things to lighten the skin—you won’t have blackheads.

Also, apply eye products in thin, light layers to help hydrate, plump and brighten. Also, get more sleep.

For many people, the under eye area is hollow, so many times you see the underlying anatomy causing the shadow. So, for these people, it should thicken the skin.

As for skin care, one of my favorite ingredients for the under eye area is vitamin C and peptides. Vitamin C alone is a pigment inhibitor and antioxidant. Copper peptides are amazing for stimulating collagen, which can help thicken tissue.

Therefore, it is extremely important to protect the under eye area because this tissue is so sensitive.

But then – and here’s the key – is to layer the eye serum with a thicker cream. Serums contain finer molecules, so they go to the deeper layers of the skin and create a change. After the serum you can apply an eye cream.

Also, always wash your face at night.

It is important to talk about the importance of washing your face at night. Most people think it’s just clogged pores, but skipping a nightly wash can actually lead to wrinkles.

When you sleep and haven’t cleansed your skin well, you allow dirt, oil, makeup, sunscreen, and all the stuff from the day to settle into fine lines. Wrinkles are actually a form of scarring. It’s an area of skin that has wrinkled and lost collagen, so we want to prevent that from happening further.

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