How skin care can be a tool for self-compassion and self-love

How skin care can be a tool for self-compassion and self-love

Too often in the beauty space, we’re concerned with the logistics of skin care: what ingredients you need, how many steps you should have in your routine, at what age you should start using retinol, and so on. We’re not saying these aren’t worthy of discussion, but they often overlook one of beauty’s most important functions: a tool for self-care and compassion.

In times of stress, the simple act of self-care can be almost radical: Choosing to show compassion and care to yourself, no matter what it looks like, is no small feat.

Why is self-care one of the most important functions of beauty?

Often the industry can create anxiety about participating in beauty rituals – the last thing you want to do when you’re going through stressful times. Maybe we should reevaluate how we should take care of ourselves. How you view your beauty rituals should depend entirely on what you need. For some, it’s reading a book with a cup of tea while others make time for a face mask. For others, it’s just closing their eyes, relaxing, or going for a leisurely walk. Because in difficult times, you have to relearn how to simply take care of yourself..

Sometimes, why we take care of our skin is much more important than how we do it.

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