White Sage Smudge Stick – Good Vibes 10cm


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Smudge Sticks can be used to clear the aura, for example before meditation or prayer, or are quite often used by healers before treatments. The smudge stick has been used to connect with the spiritual realm or to enhance intuition. Burning sage can lift one’s mood and could also be a great ally against stress.

White sage is also called Indian frankincense. It is made from the silver-white leaves of the Salvia Apiana plant and grows on the coast of California. It is a sacred herb used by indigenous Shamans in North America for centuries for purification ceremonies. Thus, not only the living environment is cleaned, but also the mind with all its thoughts. White sage has a spicy smell.

Scientific research has shown that 94% of the bacteria in the room have been broken down after burning this herb. White sage is combined here with daisy petals, which when dry, can be burnt. It’s a great way to start cleansing your home or helping others clean their bodies energetically.


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