Whiskey Caramel | Reed Diffuser 100ml


Deep in aroma, rich, caramel and generous in sweetness, whiskey caramel combines sweet caramel with a skillfully balanced blend of whiskey of exquisite quality. The Reed Diffuser, or room scenter, is the most beautiful and comprehensive way to continuously scent a room. The continuous and subtle fragrance it emits has the power to transform a room from a drab look to a wonderful corner of the home. It can instantly brighten up an otherwise tired space! Available with 6 sticks in a natural bamboo colour.

Top note : butterscotch, tofu (caramel), rum and whiskey, fruity (pineapple, orange peel), slightly herbal and spicy (aniseed, cinnamon)
Middle note (heart note) : caramel, balsamic sweet vanilla (roasted sugar and almonds, coconut, creamy brulee)
Base note : balsamic sweet (vanilla, coconut, caramel pudding)


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