Whiskey Caramel | Aromatic Soy Candle | Grand Lumière 600ml


Deep in aroma, rich, caramelly and generous in sweetness, whiskey caramel combines sweet caramel with an expertly balanced blend of exquisite whisky. Handcrafted natural flavored wax from our certified organic soy wax and pure beeswax. With high quality flavors, WITHOUT phthalates.

Top note : butterscotch, tofu (caramel), rum and whiskey, fruity (pineapple, orange peel), slightly herbal and spicy (anise, cinnamon)
Middle note (heart note) : caramel, balsamic sweet vanilla (roasted sugar and almonds, coconut, creamy brulee)
Base note : balsamic sweet (vanilla, coconut, caramel pudding)


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