Sweet Orange essential oil 10ml


Aromatherapy has been used from ancient times as a holistic treatment for the mind, body and soul utlizing the unique boosting and treating properties of essential oils as a source of calmness, pleasure and well being. Soma’s certified organic, 100% natural, pure and unrefined essential oils allow you to revive your senses in the most natural way possible.

Oranges have always symbolized prosperity and good fortune in China. This is why they are known as “golden apples”. Oranges were always the symbol of innocence and fertility.

Soma’s Orange Essential Oil is a 100% pure and undiluted essential oil with a warm, sweet, vivid scent that uplifts the body and spirit.

Experience the unique energizing properties of Orange essential oil, as a part of your daily activities:

  • Massage
  • Bath
  • Steam inhalation
  • Skincare


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