Rosewater 150ml / 5.07 oz


Rose water by Votranokipos is produced from wild Rosa canina roses. The roses are harvested when they begin to open to the point where the yellow stamens are visible. Collection takes place on days when there is relative humidity in the atmosphere so that the aromatic volatile substances are at their maximum concentration in the flower.

The rose blossoms are distilled and the rose water produced is of high quality and purity, since it contains the essential oil ‘in it’. The result is an excellent, unique fragrance with special therapeutic and cosmetic properties. We note that in many studies and researches the therapeutic effect of the wild rose Rosa canina is highlighted.

It is used as a cosmetic and is useful in removing make-up residues, dirt and impurities, moisturizes and softens the skin and gives a natural glow to the face. It does not irritate the skin and does not irritate the eyes.

The high vitamin C content of rose water helps to slow down free radicals while maintaining the pH balance in the skin. If applied daily it reduces wrinkles, strengthens skin cells and tissue regeneration, fights skin aging.

Used as a cleansing lotion, makeup remover for all skin types.

It has anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

It helps a lot in improving dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Rose water soothes irritated skin after shaving (aftershave)

Moisturizes and soothes the skin of the scalp.

It enhances the mood, relieves nervous tension, anxiety and stress, contributes to mental calmness and well-being.

It is used in liqueurs and beverages.

It is used in perfumery, in the food and beverage industry, in the cosmetics industry and as an ingredient.

It is ideal for hair care. Its nourishing properties help weak – tired hair, moisturize it and give it an unparalleled shine. After shampooing, spray with rose water and allow it to be absorbed.


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