Organic Thyme Water 200ml / 6.76oz


Thyme flower water comes through distillation, because flower waters are products of the distillation of herbs or flowers and possess many of the properties of the essential oils of the plants from which they are derived.

Thyme flower water is an excellent product, 100% natural distillate from the essential oil of thyme (thymus vulgaris), one of the most important, due to the valuable components of the oils, which has strong antioxidants and antimicrobial properties

Thyme flower water has mild antibacterial and cleansing properties. It is suitable for treating problem skin as it reduces the appearance of irritation and redness. It also tones the skin, while if incorporated into massage creams it can help relieve muscle pain. It has harmonizing properties in the nervous system and is excellent for blood circulation and detoxification of the body. It is excellent in relieving cough, colic, flu. We can apply it so that it helps us with rheumatism and gives us mental and physical rest.

It is also used in cooking.

Helps to treat hair loss, great for cleaning teeth (Cretans rub their gums with thyme to treat gingivitis). Stomatitis and irritated tonsils are treated with gargles.


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