Laurel Floral Water 200ml / 6.76 oz


Laurel flower water has many and important uses, both for our health and for our cosmetic treatment. It is suitable for the scalp, as a tonic hair lotion, especially during the period of hair loss, as its composition, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, strengthens the hair structure, nourishes and revitalizes the hair, while contributing to the reconstruction of damaged hair, while it also acts against dandruff. In addition, it has important cleaning and disinfecting properties.

It is ideal as a natural lotion for mixed and oily skins for skins with acne and black spots, but also for daily cleansing of the skin, while due to its antiseptic effect, it is used as a strong mouthwash. Also, in combination with lavender flower water, it is an excellent after shave balm. Finally, it is ideal for body aches, whether they come from fatigue or exercise, or from pains due to rheumatism and arthritis. Add a small amount to your bath water and relax completely!


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