Earth Herbal Tincture ASHWAGANDHA / Stress support * 50ml


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Natural drops, No alcohol. Ingredients: 1 ml contains 1ml tincture of Ashwagandha root 1: 5 equivalent of 250mg dry substance. Glycerin solvent 49%.

Ashwagandha has traditionally been credited with invigorating properties that promote physical and emotional well-being. The extract is usually obtained from the fruit or roots of the plant. Also referred to as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, ashwagandha is a natural adaptogenic herb that increases an organism’s ability to adapt to external factors. Its action is due to its content of withanolides which are its active ingredients. According to several studies, withanolides help the body cope with daily stress and improve a person’s thinking, as they help reduce mental and physical fatigue.

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 25 drops twice a day dissolved in 150 ml water.

The use of Ashwagandha is prohibited if you have problems with the thyroid gland!

Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs. They come from the immersion of an herb in ethyl alcohol, tsipouro (grappa), vodka, gin for a period of 2-4 weeks. During this, the active ingredients of the herb, as well as its active substances, are dissolved in the alcoholic solution (without heating) resulting in the formation of the tincture. In addition to ethyl alcohol the solvent can be either vegetable glycerin (ideal for children) or cider apple cider vinegar. Tinctures are much more effective than extracts and teas taken orally.

All the knowledge and references contained in this formula have been drawn from books, studies, research, etc. They do not replace medical treatment and are not medical advice or prescription. Some herbs and their tinctures may cause side effects or interact with other medicines and it is not recommended to substitute medicines with any herbs or tinctures. For any disease and treatment, you should always consult your doctor! The use of herbs and their products is the sole responsibility of each of us, since each organism is unique with its own balances and peculiarities.


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