Οrganic Sage Water 200ml/6.76 oz


Sage flower water is ideal for cosmetic facial care and skin cleansing. It is particularly suitable for normal-combination skin. It has a strong disinfectant, antibacterial and antibiotic effect and helps fight acne (combined with Thyme & Louisa flower water) and skin problems caused by hormonal disorders. It is moisturizing, toning and refreshing, while it softens and relieves skin irritated by the sun, especially in summer. It has a significant antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effect and helps smooth fine lines and expression wrinkles.

In addition, it strengthens thin and weak hair, while also fighting hair loss. Apply sage flower water to your hair after washing and let it dry (do not wash again). Finally, it helps fight fungal infections. Use it fearlessly all over your body and especially on your feet (along with thyme flower water) and let it work.

Caution! Sage Flower Water should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, its excessive use should be avoided, since in large doses it is toxic due to the substances it contains (thujone, tixone) etc.



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