Red Clay 50g


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Red clay is rich in high levels of iron which is known to be wonderful for your skin. As with many clays, red clay contains minerals that soothe and balance the skin, absorbing excess oils and sebum but also has the added benefit of containing Iron Oxide, making it a particularly effective ingredient for purifying and strengthening the skin. Especially wonderful for skin with scars and blemish-prone skin types, red clay absorbs sebum build-up and clarifies your complexion without drying out your skin or leaving it feeling overly dry.

Tips: Mix ½–1 tbsp. with a few drops of warm water until a nice paste is formed. Apply paste to skin and leave on until almost dry, not allowing it to dry fully. Remove with warm water and a washcloth. While this mask is formulated for all skin, those with more sensitive types should spot-test first. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


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