Green Clay 50g



Green clay is a naturally occurring clay which may be combined with water or moisturizing oils to make a facial or body mask. It is known for its absorbing properties, removing impurities from the skin. Green clay is the most popular base for a facial mask because it can be used on all skin types: it can be used to balance combination skin, normalize oily skin, and revitalize dry skin. Green clay is rich in vitamins and minerals, and has properties that help alleviate skin problems. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Tips: Mix ½–1 tbsp. with a few drops of warm water until a nice paste is formed. Apply paste to skin and leave on until almost dry, not allowing it to dry fully. Remove with warm water and a washcloth. While this mask is formulated for all skin, those with more sensitive types should spot-test first. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


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